Striped Bass Fishing Report Georgia 22-04-01

The last two weeks the fishing has been good but not as consistent as I would like.  Some days were tougher than others.  And I have had to cancel a few trips for bad weather and bad conditions.

I fished with some old clients from out of town Sunday March 20th.  The day started out good.  We were catching hybrids that is was predictable,  A few more boats showed up and we decided to make a change, looking for bigger stripers  At the second spot.  The first couple of cast got bit and we landed a 12 pound striper.  After that it was pretty slow.  Just enough bites to keep us interested, and not to move to the third boat ramp.  It’s hard to complain about 30 fish days, But after the last trip I had big expectations.
email-1.jpg email-5.jpg
The next few days I ran around the state looking to catch shad.  The first time I caught them but I threw the net for almost 3.5 hours.  Getting a couple a throw.
The second time I ended up in a rain storm and zeroed.
The third time I got them and I have about 900 of the biggest prettiest threadfins you have ever seen. They look like cigar minnows swimming around the tank!
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I fished a couple of places this last weekend.  A cold front with 20-30 mph winds and bluebird skies is not good fishing conditions.  We still had a few nice hybrids and stripers both days.


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