I grew up in Florida and Georgia. Fishing is in my blood and my bones. Ever since I can remember, I have had this insatiable desire to be around water, to explore the depths and the creatures swimming around in it. I fished in as many different places for as many different species as I could. I worked in Venice, Louisiana on a Charter boat targeting Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo.

I fished in many large mouth bass tournaments.

As different as fishing can be there are surprising similarities to it. It’s is primarily about putting the proper bait / lure in front of the fish. Any time a predator meets prey, there is an opportunity for a strike. I am not strictly a striped bass angler or a trout fisherman.

That diversity means that I can approach nearly any body of water and catch fish! As crazy as it sounds being a tuna fisherman, makes me a better Trout fisherman!
M. R. River fishing travels miles of the Chattahoochee River all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.
Going the extra mile. This is not just a catch phrase.  I purchased my current jet boat because I kept hitting rocks and putting holes in my old jet boat. The brand of the boat is “Rock Proof” and I will put it’s name to the test. If you want to run a jet boat in the shallow rocky river of Northern Georgia, First you better figure out how to drive it. Second you better figure out how to repair your boat.

So I taught myself how to weld aluminum. If there are more fish to catch further up river, I will not hesitate to burn a little extra gas and push my boat to the limits to ensure we catch them. That is just part of going the extra mile.

My love and intensity for catching fish extends to building fishing rods, making lures and smelting lead. I have a small above ground swimming pool in my back yard that I have customized to keep the best bait I can get my hands on. What does that mean for you? Quite simply catching more and bigger fish.
Patience, Temperament, and Understanding. There are a lot of great fisherman in the world, not all of them were made to be charter captains. The stereotype of an old salty captain screaming at everybody is all too often true.

That is not me, that is not my personality. I love sharing my joy of fishing and the outdoors with my clients. In my experience my clients are way harder on themselves than needed.

You got hung up on the bottom, guess what, if you are not getting hung up every once in a while you are not getting down where the fish live. If you lose a fish, get line back in the water there is more to catch! I hope this makes for a more enjoyable day of fishing for you and your guest.

My goal is to provide a world class experience to my clients, to allow them to create memories with their friends and families that will last a lifetime! Whether that means catching a fish of their dreams or experiencing a boat ride that most would say is impossible.