Striped Bass Fishing Report Georgia 22-03-11

So this first fishing report is a banger! It was one of the better days I have had as far as numbers of fish. With eagles and osprey, oh my!

We were fishing a dam between West Point and Columbus, GA. We launched a little before the generation water. So we fished a creek mouth south of the dam. There was a school of hybrids stacked up there. We probably had 20-25 hybrids in the short amount of time before they turned on the water.

The water turned on and it was time to head back up to the dam. My guys said something like we shouldn’t leave fish to find fish. But I assured them it was going to work out. We get up to the dam and before I could get baits on a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed a big sucker fish right in front of us. That was a good omen! we started casting baits and a osprey flies down and grabs our shad and flies off. Thank God we didn’t hook it! Right off the bat it is pretty unbelievable.

A moment later we hook a nice fish. The another angler cast back into the same seem, and he is now hooked up. We land those two stripers that were 17-18 pounds a piece. We reposition and my third angler lands a 16-17 pound striper. Then we get a nice 20 pound blue cat. The bite slows so we head over to the other side.

For the next hour and a half we were tripled up on 2-5 pound hybrids. Even had a couple of nice shoal bass!  Until we pretty much until we ran out of bait. Sometimes we caught multiple fish on the same bait. I had to resort to hooking them in the back because their nose was ripped and their eyeballs were gone. It was truly stupid fishing! I am not sure how many we caught but my clients were throwing out numbers that were unbelievable. It was like the glory days of the Etowah back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

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