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Matthew Robinson



People About Us

Never failed to disappoint!

Matt Robinson provides a world class fishing experience not to be missed. I’ve been with Matt a dozen times and he has never failed to disappoint! Hudson Hooks

Hudson Hooks /

He knows where the fish are

I have been fishing with Cap'n Matt dozens of times over the last 10 years now on both the Chattahoochee and Etowah Rivers. He is a true professional, always looks after his customers and most importantly, he knows where the fish are and makes every outing a fun adventure.

Matthew H. Tully, Attorney at Law /

Nobody knows the Chattahoochee or works harder than Matt.

I've fished with numerous guides and nobody knows the chattahoochee or works harder than Matt. To prove my point the first time I fished with Matt we were catching a lot of stripers in the 7-12lbs range when a big one hit, we all knew it was a monster by the sound and speed of the line peeling off the real. Matt quickly turned the boat around to chase the monster. When we finally caught up to it around 100 yrds. down stream it was tangled in something under the surface, without hesitation Matt took off his shirt and jumped in and swam down following the line to untangle the fish. He wasn't successful however that will give you an idea of the type of guide and person he is. Mark Swiecichowski

Mark Swiecichowski /

The Best There Is

“I fished with Matt for the first time in late November, 2021, as the guest of one of his clients. We drifted the Hooch below US41 and landed two stripers in excess of 15lbs each. Matt is an excellent guide with first rate equipment and his knowledge of the river, enthusiasm and upbeat personality made the trip most enjoyable.”

Reynolds Couch /

I have used Mathew Robinson with M.R. Fishing for over 15 years now

I have used Mathew Robinson with M.R. Fishing for over 15 years now and I can say that I have never had a less than stellar trip. Mathew is a guide that you can count on to provide a great time with clients and friends. When it comes to Striper fishing on "the Hooch" there is not anyone that even comes close. He has a very dependable and spacious boat that three can fish out of comfortably. Book a trip with M.R. Fishing and be prepared to "rip some lips"!!!

Kelly Garges /